Youth Programs

Middle Tennessee

With a grant from Humanities Tennessee, VFOA is leading a year-long humanities educational outreach program for economically disadvantaged youth and their families in Middle Tennessee. The purpose of this collaborative program is to provide these participants with opportunities to learn about, critically engage in, contextualize, and develop well-grounded perspectives on the history of their community by interacting with living primary sources, print primary sources, distinguished humanities scholars, educators, and creative writers.


SAMAAP (Society of Friends of the Afro Antillean Museum of Panama) Annual Fair
In 2010 VFOA organized an African-based art workshop for the Children's Corner. Run by graphic artist Gabriela de Marino, the workshop enabled children to learn about and work on producing their own art featuring African-descended individuals, features, and aesthetics.

Contact us if you'd like us to start a similar program in your area, city, state, or country.