Stakeholders Council

Catalina Garrido

In addition to teaching preschool, Catalina Garrido is the Secretary of Development & Social Welfare and the Assistant Recording Secretary of the Society of Friends of the West Indian Museum of Panama (SAMAAP).

Melinda W. Green

Before retiring, Melinda W. Green served as the Vice President of Children's Futures, a nonprofit organization focused on improving health and development outcomes for children and their families. She holds a Master's degree in Educational Psychology and Early Childhood Education from the University of Michigan.

Patricia Lewis

Patricia Lewis is principal of the Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal, a primary and secondary school in Panama City.

Felicia Morgan

Felicia Morgan is a Professor of English with 15 years' teaching experience at the Universidad del Istmo and over 35 years at the Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal.

Ethel Record

After earning a degree in Primary Education at the University of Panama, Ethel Record has held teaching and administrative positions at the elementary, middle school, and university levels for over thirty years.

Enrique Sánchez

Enrique Sánchez is the Manager of the Purchasing, Warehousing and Inventory Division of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and has worked at the canal for thirty-one years. During the last two decades, he has managed several branches and divisions related to construction, supplies and service contracting, in addition to maintenance and improvement of canal infrastructure. He is a civil engineer with a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in the city of New York. He was one of nine citizens designated to the National Electoral Scrutiny Board for the 2004 presidential election. In May of 2007, the President of Panama designated him to be a member of the National Black Council, tasked with designing and implementing a plan for the elimination of racial exclusion affecting Black Panamanians.

Trevor Sewell

Trevor Sewell is Professor Emeritus of Temple University's School Psychology and Psychological Studies in Education. During his tenure at Temple, he also served as Dean of the College of Education He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.