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Listen to Voices: Rodolfo Desuze

Rodolfo Desuze Rodolfo A. Desuza Ballestero was born in 1956 on Bocas del Toro. He had a great childhood and has fond memories of the Sunday gatherings with the family and the way they all used to dress for church. His father was a soldier and was very strict, but Mr. Desuza believes his dad had a good influence on him He has a degree in International cuisine and bakery from Colombia, and he loves the "islena cuisine" (cuisine from the island), especially rice and peas, and stew. He tries very hard to keep the customs from Isla de Colón and he believes that foreign influence is slowly eradicating the culture there. Mr. Desuza is married, does not smoke, but he loves to dance to salsa, reggae, and disco music. He also loves to educate children, and considers himself as an Afrocaribeo.