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Listen to Voices: Leslie George

Leslie George Leslie George was born in 1941. Though he never says specifically where his parents are from, he considers himself part of the African West Indian community in Panama. Leslie's father was a singer, and his uncle, Victor Boa, was a pianist, arranger, and dance band director who gained international fame. Leslie grew up in several of the poorer districts in the city, moving frequently because of money problems and the pressure of his parents' having a large family (seven children) on a limited budget. A retired musician, Leslie considers himself to be a scientist and a musicologist. Not only does he have a degree in musicology, he has been a teacher and college professor, and attended seminars and done research on ethnomusicology. Leslie is also an artist in his own right, serving as a choral and band director and a member of a calypso band. Leslie has been married twice; his second wife is also of African West Indian descent and works as a nurse. He has one daughter from his second marriage who works in a chemistry lab.