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Listen to Voices: Dr. Hedley Lennan

Dr. Hedley Lennan Dr. Hedley Lennan was born in Panama in 1922 to parents of Jamaican origin. After spending a few years in schools in La Boca, Lennan traveled to Jamaica and then to Dallas, Texas to complete his studies. According to him, living outside Panama greatly changed his ethnic identity. "I look at myself as being black," says Lennan, "because to Americans, Panamanian or whatever is still black." As a doctor, however, Hedley admits that he is treated differently because of his profession—as soon as people learn of it, they often treat him better than they did before. All in all, though, Dr. Lennan has enjoyed his life in the several places he's lived: Panama, Jamaica, and the US. He is married to Maizee Lennan, and they have two children. Dr. Lennan's message to the world's youth is the same one he tells everyone: "It's never too late to seek a new world to push up."